Emergency Closure Information:

Below you will find information to explain what happens if, due to an emergency, the school needs to close.

You will also find a downloadable copy of our advice poster which you can keep handy at home!

If you are concerned the school might be closed, then in the first instance you should:

  • Check your mobile phone regularly for a school text alert!
  • Tune in to Suffolk Radio 104.6, 103.9, 95.9 or 95.5 FM (10 past and 20 to the hour), or
  • Tune in to HEART 97.1 / 96.4 FM (after the news on the hour and half past)

Alternatively - check this website's Home Page – if we are able, we will endeavour to place a scrolling message at the top.

Please be aware, if the weather prevents it, we may not be able to access this website or our texting services, so we cannot guarantee to keep you updated via these.

The texting service will, however, be our preferred way of letting you know!

If the closure is confirmed, please pass this information on to any other parents you know.

Please avoid:

  • Calling the school directly, unless you have no access to the radio / text / website
  • Leaving a message – if the school is closed, all children are authorised as absent

As we have a texting service, we do not post notices on the outside of the school gates.


Please ensure the school has your up to date mobile number in advance!


We will do our best to text all parents with updates as to the following day as soon as we are able, but of course this may not be possible until the next morning when we can evaluate the conditions once again.     

For a downloadable version of this information in poster form, please click here.

Finally, please be assured that we do our very best to keep the school open if we can – we know closing causes problems for parents – it also causes many problems with our school timetable and schedules, so we actually prefer to remain open (yes we do!!). The decision to close is never made lightly!