ONLINE safety

Imagine leaving your child in a room filled with strangers, allowing them to watch almost any film that has ever been made, look at any pictures they want and read anything they like.

This thought would worry most parents but this is what is available to children through the internet.

The internet is an invaluable resource for everyone, but it needs to be used safely.  Children are taught how to cross the road safely in order to protect them and in the same way, they need to be taught how to use the internet safely.

Technology is constantly changing and things that you grow up with seem normal to you.  If things are introduced when you are older, then they become harder to adjust to, the older you get.

In school the children in every year group are taught about staying safe on the internet and their use of the internet at school is very structured.

With the constant development of mobile phones, the internet is more widely available than even 5 years ago.

Our staff also undergo training in Online Safety and from time to time, we offer free workshops for parents / carers too. The aim of these workshops is to heighten awareness of how to avoid getting in trouble or coming to harm whilst using the internet - it is designed to help parents / carers to protect both themselves and their children.


Below are some websites that can help you protect your children on the internet. Internet Safety (please be aware that this is now an archived page)


Get Safe Online (Free advice on how to do things to improve your internet safety)



Know It All Guide for Parents

Mobile Phone Buying Guide (an invaluable checklist to help you buy an appropriate phone for your child)


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