Year Two Zone

In Year Two we aim to teach as much as we can through cross-curricular topics, enabling the children to make links between the different curriculum areas. We like to invite visitors into school to talk to the children (e.g. wildlife experts, firefighters, GP, dental educators) as well as offering educational visits to exciting places such as castles and the seaside. Our current topic plan looks like this:

We operate a 2 year rolling programme of topics which are shared with Year One, so your child will cover all of the topics shown below, but which topics they cover in each year group will depend upon where in the cycle we are:

Our topics (shared with Year 1) are…

Cycle A

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Forest Schools




RE Week!

 Healthy Me

RE Week!

 Happy Days

RE Week!

Cycle B

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Marvellous Machines

Fire of London

Once Upon A Time

Islands & Pirates

Great Outdoors

RE Week!

RE Week!

RE Week!

Maths, Music, PSHE, PE, some Computing and RE are taught as individual subjects, although we make links with our topics wherever possible. French is introduced during the summer term.

We often have a special Science week too, unless this is built into one of our topics.

Each Autumn term we also work with Year 1 to put on a production, to which parents / carers are invited.

Throughout the year we talk to the children about special days and celebrations including Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) and Mother’s & Father's Days, as well as the main Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter. Each December we join Year 1 to stage a production as part of our Christmas celebrations.

Our English lessons include shared and guided group reading, phonics skills and a variety of opportunities for writing linked to our current topic. We include a wide range of different types of texts such as non-fiction, traditional stories and poetry. We enjoy being able to give the children opportunities to participate in drama activities and work hard to develop their speaking and listening skills. In addition, we also timetable separate quiet reading sessions which allow time for the children to read individually to an adult as well as in groups, plus a weekly handwriting lesson to develop a joined-up style of handwriting.


We teach some phonics as a discrete lesson and help the children become secure with the letter names and sounds, enabling them to progress with their reading and spelling. Please see a copy of the letter names and sounds from Year One which we also teach and test the children on, so you can help them at home too. If your child did not pass the government's Phonic Check in Year One they will be re-tested in Year two - see Year One page for more details.

We have daily maths lessons; where possible we keep maths activities very practical (for instance weighing and measuring ingredients for cooking, using coins for shopping, telling the time using different types of clocks) and try to relate their maths learning to real-life situations. Throughout the year we introduce a range of different calculation strategies to the children and encourage them to begin to record their work in different ways.

We encourage all the children to read as often as possible at home and provide parents with lists of keywords to help their children learn to read and spell. The children are encouraged to research topics at home and share what they have found out with the rest of the class.

Here is a list of websites that we like to use in school – please feel free to explore these at home:

ICT games – particularly good for maths games

BBC Science Clips - science experiments

National Geographic Kids - researching different countries and animals

BBC Bitesize - English, maths and science activities  

Woodlands Junior School - an amazing source of information to support all topics!


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