Year Three Zone

Welcome to Year Three.

We hope you find the information below useful. If you have any questions then please pop in and ask one of the team. In Year Three we continue to build on the skills the children have learnt in Key Stage One.  

We teach in a cross curricular way linking together as many subjects as possible together. This helps the children to make meaningful links in their learning.

Maths, Science, French, RE, PSHE, Music  and PE are taught as discrete subjects for most of the year but we do make links where possible.

We operate a 2 year rolling programme of topics which are shared with Year Four, so your child will cover all of the topics shown below, but which topics they cover in each year group will depend upon where in the cycle we are:

Our topics (shared with Year 4) are…

Cycle A

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Moving Toys

Forces & Magnets



World War II 


Light & Sound

Ancient Greeks

Awesome Archaeology

Plants & Rocks




Cycle B

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term




Ancient Egyptians

States of water



Fair Trade



Healthy Bodies




During each topic the children will be encouraged to complete a piece of work at home, to be brought in and shared with the class. This could include researching an up and coming area within the topic or showing what they have learnt.

We encourage parental involvement, so if you would like to come and help in class, whether supporting children or making resources, please feel free to talk to your child's class teacher.

The children have English, maths and reading lessons daily - reading time allows the children to be heard read independently and as a group. We focus upon comprehension skills during guided reading and we teach the children how to answer questions about a text, making inferences where appropriate.

Maths is taught through a range of different strategies, from practical weighing and measuring to developing a range of methods for solving and recording calculations.

Each class has a Maths Monkey that goes home with a different child each week. The Maths Monkeys need to be fed with maths and the children love taking them home and doing maths together!

In Year Three (usually in the Spring & Summer terms) we take the children swimming at the local leisure centre - this is a vital life skill and our aim is for all children to be able to swim by the the end of the year!