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Welcome to the Year Three area!

In Kestrels and Owls classes we aim to develop a love of learning through a rich and varied curriculum. Mrs Knowland and Mrs Lee are the teachers in Kestrels class and Mrs Crane is the teacher in Owls class. The children are supported by Mrs Styles and Mrs Fosker, our teaching assistants.


Star Reader Initiative

We have recently introduced the Star Reader initiative in years three and four to encourage reading at home. You can find out more about it here


Times Table Mountain

In year three, we build on the times tables facts that the children have begun to learn in Key Stage One. Being able to recall times tables facts is a really useful skill that the children will use throughout year three and beyond. Knowing these facts will make other aspects of maths much easier! To help practise our times tables, this year we have been using the Times Table Mountain. You can read more about it here.


Maths Monkey

Each class has a Maths Monkey that goes home with a different child each week. The Maths Monkeys need to be fed with maths and the children

 love taking them home and doing maths together!



In Year Three (usually in the Spring & Summer terms) we take the children swimming at the local leisure centre - this is a vital life skill and our aim is for all children to be able to swim by the the end of the year!