Year Four Zone

In Year Four we teach as much as we can through cross curricular links.

Whilst some subjects may be taught discretely (e.g. music, R.E. & P.E.), most are combined into the topics shown below.

We operate a 2 year rolling programme of topics which are shared with Year Three, so your child will cover all of the topics shown below, but which topics they cover in each year group will depend upon where in the cycle we are:

Our topics (shared with Year 3) are…

Cycle A

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Moving Toys

Forces & Magnets



World War II 


Lights & Sound

Ancient Greeks

Awesome Archaeology

Plants & Rocks




Cycle B

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term



Ancient Egyptians

States of Water



Fair Trade



Healthy Bodies




During each topic the children will be encouraged to complete a piece of work at home, to be brought in and shared with the class. This could include researching an up and coming area within the topic or showing what they have learnt.

We encourage parental involvement, so if you would like to come and help in class, whether supporting children or making resources, please feel free to talk to your child's class teacher.

We encourage children to develop their independence skills as the year progresses. This starts at the beginning of the year with a residential trip to Whitwell, in North Norfolk. For many this will be their first time away from home without their parents and it is an opportunity for children to develop their social and independence skills in a safe environment.

We always encourage parents to come in and share their children's work and at various times throughout the year; we hold creative mornings / museum afternoons, where parents can come in and share their child's work with them, or help them with an on-going project.

During the Summer term the children perform in a joint production with Year Three - once seen, it is never forgotten! We encourage the children to focus on their drama, dancing, singing and signing skills and it is something that both parents and children are often still talking about at the end of the year.

We have visits from a range of people, such as a local doctor and a Roman Soldier, to help with our topics, as well as making visits to enhance what we are learning e.g. The Ipswich Museum and Duxford Imperial War Museum.

We have introduced a Reading Challenge in Year Four to encourage the children to keep reading regularly at home. This is designed to encourage the children to reflect more deeply on their reading.  All children in Year Four can take part in the reading challenge; it is not dependent on their reading ability.

If you have any questions about what happens in Year Four, feel free to pop in and ask one of the team!